What You Need To Know About Soy Candles


It is common to see nowadays that more and more people are caring for the environment. That is why there are also a lot of people that are more careful with their choices when it comes to the things that they use and buy. And one of these options that people are choosing is the soy candles. From being just a simple bean which is basically a good source of protein. Soy has transformed into many things that have proven to be useful to man in dealing with his everyday life. And one of the things that soy has transformed into is the soy candles.

Unlike the traditional wax candles, soy candles are considered as a new player in the market. The use of soy as the main ingredient for making candles was just discovered in 1992. It started when a candle maker noted the popularity of soy in other products and decided to use it in order to create candles which are less expensive compared to beeswax. From this, he created a wax out of the soy oils and the rest as what they say is history.

For people that are very keen on using natural products on their home then soy candles are just the thing for them. Not only will they get a product that us natural but they can also get a product that is cheaper compared to the beeswax candles. In the market today, you may be able to see a variety of different types. This has not been the case in its first moments as there are only a few people that knew that soy can be created into a candle. But today, a number of different soy candles wholesale can be seen on the market. You can get them from any size and they also come with their very own containers. There are also soy candles that are scented.

But unlike beeswax candles, soy candles will not be able to stand on its own since it is way softer compared to the traditional candle wax. This is the reason why soy candles need to have their own containers in order for it to stay lit for a long time. But of you really want to have a pillar candle, you can opt for the ones that are combined with vegetable oil which are sturdier. These types of pressure washing Columbia sc candles are also natural just like soy so it does serve the purpose as well.